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Wheels and Tires Wellington, FL

At WBA Performance in Wellington, FL, we are your go-to shop for all of your wheel needs, including wheel alignment, balancing, rotation, and more. Your vehicle’s tires are one of those components that need to be serviced and cared for regularly to ensure your safety. As soon as you notice something strange with your tires, it is important to stop by our shop for a tire inspection. 

Tires that do not have the proper air pressure, aren’t properly aligned, or are excessively worn can cause serious issues when driving your car. Our ASE certified technicians can assist with all of your tire needs and will make sure that your vehicle is in top shape for the road. We will perform a full inspection of your tires to determine the issue and what solution is best for you and your budget. 

Symptoms of tire problems include:

    • Tire pressure warning light is on
    • Uneven or excessive tire wear
    • Vibrating while driving
    • Visible tire cracking

We offer a wide range of aftermarket wheels for trucks, performance cars, exotic/super cars, and all luxury vehicles. Our aftermarket wheel brands include Anrky, HRE, Vorsteiner, Vossen, Status Alloy, TSW, Niche, Rotiform, Fuel Forged, XD, Asanti, American Force, Specialty Forged and much more. 

Even if your tires just have low air pressure, it is important to have them filled with air as soon as possible. Low tire pressure actually causes your tires to wear down quicker and can also cause a tire blowout. For all of your tire needs, bring your vehicle into the experts here at WBA Performance in Wellington, FL. 

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